Ask K

K, how did you get on
I came to realize that I never like it when things (that I love) end. I always continue it in my head to some degree, or I imagine what happens after the credits. I have a (small) problem with books and movies and TV shows ending because I don’t want them to end. So I make fanfiction (now). It used to be in my head like my own movie I could watch and edit. Now I write it out so I can rewatch my own movie because the human mind subconsciously forgets things it consciously holds dear, and I write it for fanfiction readers. Not everyone has the same idea of how the movie or show ended, but we can all enjoy a “What If” scenario.
So that’s all I do (on really. I think of “What Ifs” and I write them down for everyone to enjoy.

What about made you interested about it?
I fell in love when I saw all the different genres and movies and TV shows you write about. Fanfiction isn’t about just alternate endings. People make their own sagas with their original ideas and it’s perfectly fine! was made for people like me.

How long do you plan to be writing fanfictions?
I don’t know. Right around March 2014, I started to feel a little… *Sigh*

And, um, K, what about your list of haitus fanfictions? Have you abandoned them?
Absolutely not. Every fanfiction on my profile will be completed (eventually).

***K, you kind of ended that HUGE saga of yours.
I know. I tried to answer some questions I thought you would have in the following link.
Go here for more info.

Jeez, K. Your fanfictions are sort of hard to read.
*Cringes* I’m so very sorry! I don’t intend for them to be. I think I know the problem though. Fanfictions written in past tense will have memories in present tense. Fanfictions written in present tense will have memories written in past tense.
Take “The King’s Contest” for instance. It is written in present tense (ex. dashes, jumps, says, etc), but the memories will be written in past tense (ex. I had seen, he had said, etc).
Does that help? Sorry for the unnecessary confusion.

How did you come up with some of these ideas?
How do writers come up with their ideas? Sometimes they pop out of nowhere and other times you can feel it coming, like looking at a cloudy sky and knowing a storm will arrive. My idea for “If I Hadn’t Jumped” had followed me, slowly growing, after I finished the Mrs. Meyer’s book around 2010.
Meanwhile the idea that started my “Lanterns of Gold” saga popped up out of the blue in December of 2011. Three years later and I’m still not finished, but that’s okay! Right? :)

Why did you make a WordPress?
I realized that I rant on sometimes and it took up SO much space. My stepmom invited me to a seminar for this college I wanted to go to and we created blogs there. Instead of making my first WordPress an actual blog, I made it a place for my Author’s Notes. So here they all are. :)

Do you have a YouTube account?
Yes, I do. It was originally going to have the soundtrack for my “Lanterns of Gold” saga, but I decided against that. I’m not sure what to do with it at the moment. By the way, Tamara Hence is not my name but those are my initials. :)

Why fanfiction and not “serious” writing?
I was talking to one of my friends about having a fanfiction. She looked at me and said, “I’m ashamed.” When I asked why, she said, “Fanfiction is not serious writing.” I nearly busted a vein and I’m going to take a second here to disagree. I took “Lanterns of Gold” too seriously at times, but I still find that it is very rewarding.
If you like a movie that much and you write your own saga off of that one movie, I would hardly call it lazy writing.
If you really must know, I am trying to write books. I say trying because it is harder than I thought to sit down and write while keeping in mind that it could be published. It adds more pressure and then boom! Writers’ block!

You mentioned “your first blog”. Do you have more than one?
I do. I just made it around May 16th. I told you that I rant (if you read that much) and I don’t want to clog up WP or Fanfiction because I rant. So I decided to get another blog (WP is awesome! You can make tons of blogs for free!) and hopefully I’ll still filling it up soon.

Fanfiction vs. FictionPress
This is a blog topic for me. I’ll say briefly that if you had a good enough idea that you posted online and later wanted to see it, too many people would have seen it and they might buy your book, but they would have seen it online already.
And what if someone uses Copy and Paste on YOUR idea? Then what?
It’s not worth it.
You’re better off coming up with alternate endings on Fanfiction and your own book ideas at home on your computer (where they are safe). Then when you want to publish your book, you can, and no one can say they’ve heard of it.

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