Search Engine Help

Fellow reader, let me help you out.

Using chapter names, character names, fanfiction names, and category names will help you find a certain fanfiction. Most of the time, fanfiction names and category names are the same. Character names aren’t usually mentioned but you can give it a shot. Chapter names work very well; most of the time, I have the chapter’s name in the title of every post. Chapter #’s might prove to be a bit of a struggle. You’re better off using the chapter names.

Using hash tags, nicknames of characters, emoticons, and dates of the chapter published might not work out. Emoticons will get you nowhere for sure. Nicknames would be a bit hard and probably would have the same results. Dates of the chapter would only help you if you are reading a fanfiction that I am writing at the moment. If I finished the fanfiction in May and you’re reading it in June, you might be stuck. All in all, you might rage-quit if you try to use these. Go with the list above.

If you find a post in the same category as the post you are looking for, clicking on the category name or hashtags (all posts of the same category have the same hashtags, usually) will pull up all the posts in the category with the most recent. It would be a bit of a bummer having to scroll down to the post you wanted but hey! You’ll find it, right?

Happy searching!

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