This page is all about the posts; I consider it a mini FAQ page.

Hash tags? Really?
Um, yes! I try to come up with unique hash tags for every fanfiction I make. Some of them might make you laugh. Some of them might not. Who knows. Besides, they help you find posts so why not?

K, you gave me the wrong link! :(
Did I? I’m sorry! How about reaching me on via PM (Private Messaging) or on tumblr and talking to me about it?

So, um, I can’t find this post…
Go to the search engine below or the “Where To” page. If you need advice on using the search engine, “Search Engine Help” is right under the “Where To” page. Good luck!

Some posts don’t have the same hash tag. Why?
I’m surprised you noticed that! Some posts, though they are in the same category, won’t have the same hash tags because not all posts have the same content. Some posts might be ‘thank you’ posts and will have the tag #thankyou while other posts might be about a plot hole I just noticed and will have the tag #revise or #plotfail.

K, you used to have weird /jfkdshkgjk stuff. What was that about?
I used to do this before my WordPress. I would place the last half of YouTube URLS for the readers to listen to while reading my fanfiction. It’s explained in slightly more detail in the “Music” page under “Posts” up top.

Why the ‘twonotesonechap’ hashtag?
Okay, this is a new thing. Some of my A/Ns appear at the top and bottom of the chapter, making it nice and complicated for me to edit out. The idea is for you to go to the “part two” of the post (the link will be in part one’s post) after you read the entire chapter. So the post without “part two” is part one, and the post with “part two” after the chapter name in () is part two. Got it? Good.

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