K, I’m here. Now what?

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, the battle is half over. Bookmark this page or follow me on WP, it’s off to the side and you won’t have to navigate this too much. WP is hard, but I’m working with it. You should make your way to the “Where To” page up at top. The search engine might be more helpful than the “Where To” page.

Why come here?

I place all of my A/Ns that I would normally put on my fanfictions on here. So anything I would have told you in the A/Ns are actually here and not on my fanfictions taking up space.
Come here, so you are informed.
Seriously. There aren’t going to be any A/Ns on my fanfictions. Here is where everything (that’s important) is.

Getting Lost

Navigating my WordPress is complicated for the moment. It helps if you go to the “Where To” page up top or dive below my WordPress and go to the search engine. Searching for character names, chapter names (numbers as well), fanfiction names, category names, and other key words will help you. Searching for hashtags names will not help you. The “Where To” page is your friend.
This is explained in slightly more detail at “Search Engine Help” under the “Where To” page.

Can I ask you questions (if I ever needed to)?
Of course you can! Ask me anything, on tumblr and on here.
Want to find my FAQ pages?


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