Fall of the Lanterns

K, why would you do such a thing?
Sorry, firefly. Around November 2013, I thought something was wrong with the story so I began to do a massive revision on the books (Tangled for a Flower and Caught in a Dream) that I had up.
However, once I started updating again, I realized that no one was reading the story anymore. I updated again last year around November (*cue lonely tear*) and still no viewers.
Throughout the revisions and the sad pouting, I kept thinking of the characters in my head. My lovely stepmother had told me repeatedly to let it go. You know? Drop the fanfic.
“They’re not going anywhere in the fanfic. When you finish it, they’ll just sit there.” she told me.
I realized that she was right. Azalea, Nathan, etc. are/were just sitting around in my fanfiction.
If I finish the fanfic, I won’t be able to use Nathan and Azalea later, or so I thought.
Lovely stepmom told me that I could use them, just cut them off from Disney. Which is what I will do.
Remember when I said I was trying to find a book for Nathan and Azalea (and company) a while ago?
*Waits for the realization to dawn*
*Pauses for dramatic effect*
This is that book.

How different will your new book/saga be?
Different enough to avoid a lawsuit (I wish that was a joke).
It’ll be different in a good way. I’ll leave up the two books (Tangled for a Flower and Caught in a Dream) for my nostalgic readers.
Besides, since I’m not finishing the saga *cringes* I get to finish the saga in a book, and then my fireflies will be able to hold the book.

Uh, K… Dumb it down. You lost me at “lawsuit”.
I’ll simplify it: “Same characters (for the most part). Different circumstances, same outcome.”
A few things will change, but I’m not going to spoil anything.

K, how will you keep this promise?
I wish I could say I keep my promises. I’m not even sure how I plan to finish Rise of the Lanterns

K, you had my hopes up. Now you killed them.
Okay, look. I loved that saga. I write what I love. There’s no way I wouldn’t finish the saga in a book. I’m starting to fill up notebooks anyway. Why waste all that paper if I wasn’t going to finish it?

Can I ask when it will be published?
Yes, you can. I’m not sure when though. I haven’t started. I’m working on books three and four. You know… Books that aren’t related to fanfics.
*Readers’ faces go blank*
Publishable books…
*More blank stares*
I’m working on other things too, okay? Seriously. I’m writing two books at the same time (not recommended).

You’ll still finish other fanfics, right?
I’ll try. Some of them are salvageable. Others like *cough cough* Rise of the Lanterns might just have to rot on fanfiction.net. We’ll have to see.


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