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Other Oneshots have been put up, (ex. I Thought Differently, When I Froze) but they do not have A/Ns, which explains why they are not on my WP.
Got a question to ask me? It might have been answered here: https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/posts/. Need to ask me yourself? Reach me at fanfiction.net (link below), on WP, or even on tumblr.


To (the broadest category) my Fanfictions: https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/


To separate fanfictions:
Hidden Strings (Genre: Hunger Games) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/hidden-strings/

If I Hadn’t Jumped: (Genre: Twilight) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/if-i-hadnt-jumped/

If I Never knew You: (Genre: Tangled) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/if-i-never-knew-you/

The King’s Contest: (Genre: Tangled) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/the-kings-contest/

Lanterns of Gold: (Genre: Tangled) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/lanterns-of-gold/

New Community: (Genre: The Giver) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/new-community/

Our Secret: (Genre: Sherlock) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/our-secret/

Tell Me a Story: https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/fanfictions/tell-me-a-story/


To my Oneshots, a separate category by Fanfictions: https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/oneshots/

Above the Lanterns, a Writer Composes: (Genre: Tangled) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/oneshots/above-the-lanterns-a-writer-composes/

Silhouette: (Genre: Tangled) https://kindheartedwriter.wordpress.com/category/authors-notes/oneshots/silhouette/

Side note: If you have any questions for me about any of my fanfictions, reach me at my tumblr, WordPress (here), or PM me at my fanfiction page; the link is at the very bottom of every page on my WordPress.


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