What Happened To My Fanfics?

Hi, everyone.

I haven’t been active on fanfiction.net because I lost my files a year ago now.
I know it sounds funny. Like, “K, you lost your files for an entire year? That sounds like a cop out.”

Partly because it is. Around December of 2014, I started feeling as if no one was reading my stories anymore. I know a writer’s first responsibility is to write for themselves and revise and edit with the audience in mind, but I was popping out chapters and uploading them with the audience in mind first.

I decided in the spring of 2015 that if I was going to retire on fanfiction.net, I needed to finish my fanfictions first. I started outlining like a fiend, preparing an ending for the stories that were on hiatus first, and then for the fanfictions I planned to update regularly.

It struck me during the summer of that year that I needed to save my files on something more reliable, so I switched my files over to a CD from my worn flash drive in July.

I lost my files the next day.

I lost everything. I lost all my unpublished manuscripts, random names and one-sentence long plot ideas, and I lost the outlines for my fanfictions.

I know you’re thinking that I could have sucked it up and started over with the outlining, but I refused to. I had finished every outline (the few that I managed to get done) with a sense of satisfaction. No way was I going to try and recreate that feeling when I had already finished the outline a few weeks earlier.

Now, a year later, I still don’t have my files. I haven’t had the time or money to retrieve them, but that is changing very soon.

I looked online and found a product called IsoBuster. The free version of the program can see my files on the DVD, and I plan to purchase the program and retrieve them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, my fanfictions remain on fanfiction.net, looking as if I’ve forgotten about them. I haven’t.

I can’t promise that I’ll have a solid updating schedule, having started college now, but I plan to finish every single one of them, even Rise of the Lanterns, a story that started out as a daydream and is now currently the hardest project to outline an ending for.

I haven’t forgotten my fanfictions, and I hope to update them soon.