Upcoming Events

I’ve decided to try a different way of writing my fanfictions. Because of this, you can expect the following fanfictions to be published whenever this page says*. The title of the fanfiction and the genre will be listed, but that is all.
I don’t want to give too much away. :)


August 2014:
A jacked up updating schedule. *Winces*

September 2014:

October 2014:

Nathan 1 & 2: Tangled, outtake of LOG saga, multi
Our Enemy: Sherlock, sequel to “Our Vow”, multi
Lost in the Mountains of Arendelle: Frozen, stand-alone, multi

*Side note: N/A does not always mean “Don’t expect anything this month”. I might not be ready by ______ and therefore, n/a is present.


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