Book 1’s Music

There isn’t music for every single chapter. Sorry to disappoint you. :)
There might be music for more than one chapter and they will be separated by a semicolon (;). The semicolon is not part of the link.

  • Chapter 72: Unearthed Flower With Another Man. For more specific details, go here.
  • Chp85 Though the Clouds Fall, a Fire Goes Out: /watch?v=rlCgE58v84Y
  • Chp95 Honeymoon Dream: /watch?v=QgaTQ5-XfMM
  • Chp99 Starting Over and a Missed Birthday: /watch?v=1vRkonQeSe4
  • Chp102 Eugene’s Nightmares Made Real: /watch?v=EdBym7kv2IM
  • Chp103 A Beautiful Leap of Faith: /watch?v=A-fIlpq4eIE; /watch?v=znRCcdhOKS0
  • Chp104 The Crowning: /watch?v=znRCcdhOKS0
  • Chp118 Nathan’s Sky Falls: /watch?v=0NYv3Sck708

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