I toyed with a music idea and I ended up tossing it. You don’t listen to a novel’s playlist. Why should fanfiction be different?
Because it’s fanfiction?
NO! :)

Sometimes there will be a URL in my fanfictions. This URL is for music videos off of YouTube.
Anyhow, the original idea was for you to type in the URL box ‘‘ and then the /watch stuff comes in. I’d like for you all to listen to them because it enhances the story. Also, I sometimes mention for putting the URL in repeat.
All you have to do is type in the word repeat before .com and there you go.
I’d appreciate it for you to listen to the music, but the entire thing is optional.
. . . On second thought, you probably shouldn’t bother. It might be too much of a hassle. . .

On a lighter note, to the links!

This page and its descendants will hold the URLs I (badly) suggested for readers to listen to while reading my fanfictions. You may proceed.

Lanterns of Gold: (Genre: Tangled)

Above the Lanterns, a Writer Composes: (Genre: Tangled)

*Haha. About that…


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