An Update-Thingy

I complain a lot about my fanfics, don’t I?

*Here. Let me give you all some good news instead of my now-sort-of-usually sad posts:

  • Caught in a Dream now has 89 chapters instead of 86, go read those if you want.
  • Indigo Skies is picking up, as is Hidden Strings (I got Catching Fire) and If I Hadn’t Jumped, which is coming to a close. Don’t worry, some sort of stand-alone will pop up soon.
  • I can now sort-of begin to process how Rise of the Lanterns, New Community, Odd Life of Rapunzel Mendel, and When Max Changed will go down.
  • The sequel to Our Vow is under development, as is the stand-alone (sequel) to If I Hadn’t Jumped.
  • The King’s Contest is being worked on, as is The Reality of Being Human, If I Never Knew You, and The Story of the Moon.
  • And I just finished my first draft of an actual book (YAY!), hence why I’ve been slacking.

So yeah. That first draft just sucked it out of me, and I can’t promise many updates before 2015 on anything, but know that I’m trying.

I finish my projects, so I’ll be back soon.

P.S. – Lanterns of Gold fans, you have years (at least one) to enjoy the saga, I will definitely finish that before I begin to retire from

P. P. S. – I’m not retiring before all my stories are completed (except if just randomly went away, then…)

*Taken from this post on tumblr:


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