Chapter 42

First off, I made it! :D

Second thing:
This whole time I’ve been writing this fanfic, I tried to put myself in the lovely Mrs. Meyer’s shoes. I was trying to think like her. Hence why “If I Hadn’t Jumped”/”Lost Moon” has snippets from “New Moon” and “Eclispe”. I was trying to put myself in Mrs. Meyer’s shoes so the plot wouldn’t go all over the place. Bella not jumping off of the cliff in “New Moon” changed a ton of things, and I wanted to think like Mrs. Meyer so the plot would (sort of) make sense. I wanted it to be a (true) alternate ending, so I changed Riley’s name.
I like to think that Riley wouldn’t be Riley Biers. He would be Riley Carlton, hence why Riley and Sam are related.
I was halfway through the chapter when I realized Riley’s real name (I looked it up) and I just had to go with it.
So yes: Riley is Sam’s younger brother. I hope Mrs. Meyer would have thought of this so I don’t feel like I wrote a plot hole. :/
Thanks for reading this chapter and this note. :)


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