Chapter 87: Unwanted Surplus

Hey, guys. Hopefully you made it here. What do you think? It’s a bit. . . Yeah.

I finished revising, I think you can tell. :) It only took me about 6 months. :/

I’m not sure how much you (might) want to reread to catch yourselves up. Have fun? Yeah? :<

So, um, now that you're here, you can bookmark the "Home" page and find your way to Book 2's A/Ns at every cue (K*H*W*) or just follow me. It's off to the side. Just type in your email (I won't get it) and you will get an email of the next A/N I type here.

This is where all my A/Ns will be for any fanfiction, especially for this one, and I hope you spend a little bit of time exploring and adjusting. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

Reading the information under the "Search Engine Help" page under the "Where To" reading things in the "Home" page should help a bit. Use the search engine if you're looking for a particular post, be sure to click on it when you find it. If you don't mind scrolling to the most recent post (and clicking on it) once you get to the "Where To" page, then go that way too.

It's nice to see you guys again. Bye, fireflies/lovelies. :)
Go to part two after you read the entire chapter or see the next cue (K*H*W*).

Part two:


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