Chapter 64: Hate

Okay. I completely forgot to delete the note, so the chapter thingy said “Chapter 65: Hate”.

I updated. Hopefully, you’ll see this.
Sorry for those who have reviewed already. Sign out, if you want to, and type in your username when you review. If you want to review.

My lovelies, hi.
I feel much better. Not completely, but ‘Eh’ better.
Who am I kidding? Out of 100, I’m a 75.

Not bad. . .
I should call you all my fireflies. You light the way when I’m at my lowest, when I’m in the darkest cave in myself.

Wait. . . That could have came out better.
Um. . .
Whatcha think? Fireflies or lovelies? :)

I have no idea what happened. I just wrote, and wrote, and wrote.
Happy Friday! Thanksgiving Break* is here! :)

*It was around November when I typed this chapter.


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