Chapter 49: White Lights

. . .
And that’s what happens when you get grounded.
Two weeks to go, but I got a freebie.
You bet your break feast I got on my computer. :)

These past two weeks, I’ve been planning and planning.
So there might be more than fifty chapters in Part 3.


Oh my freaking God.

Few things:

Azalea’s not Azalea at the moment, so not writing her and Nathan moments (Azanna (now that I think about it, that doesn’t make much sense)) has made me sick.
Like seriously.
I’m like, sneezing. (Kidding, I’ve got allergies.)
I’m actually mentally sick (Ha, not the way you think).

I can’t stop thinking about them, and I made a promise to you guys (two different promises) that I would write an Azalea and Nathan fanfic, am I right?

Well, it’s coming.
Like, soon.

I’m so excited!
It’s going to be about how they fell in love.

And it’ll be a fanfic, which is the BEST part.
I noticed in Tangled for a Flower that I left plot holes. DON’T GO BACK AND INSPECT. :(
But yes, so not writing Azalea and Nathan moments has made me sick.

And I’ve filled my notebook.
So. . .

Yeah. Quick note.
This was very important, which was why this entire note was in bold. :)
Thanks for reading, and get excited for me guys!

It’ll also be rated M for content and language and Azalea and Nathan overload so umm, you’ve been warned.
:) Yay.


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