About The Epilogue

I hope you all made it here! I’d like to say thank you for the nice reviews!
I’m glad you enjoyed the chaos and love in “Our Secret”. I’m thinking of a sequel (it’d be like a chapter or so) that covers the wedding. I’ll keep you posted.
There’s a big chance that most of you have never been on my WordPress. If you’d like to stick around and explore other fanfictions I’ve written, you might want to follow me or just bookmark the “Home” page and visit it from time to time.
Again, thank you so much for the support! And it seems like all of you guys liked it! :D
I tried to stay in character (I hope I nailed it) and overall, Mrs. Hudson was the easiest to be. *starts laughing*
This was my first Sherlock fanfic. I’m not sure if I’d do more, but it was fun to be Sherlock and Watson for a while. :)
See you guys around!
Love, live, and prosper. :)



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