Chapter 35: Comfort Food

Let me explain some things, okay? Bear with me:
Azalea’s not herself anymore.

First, she was hypnotized, and hung-over when it happed.
We all know how strong she is. But when someone tries to make you do a math problem and you’re sleepy, you fail.
Same thing.
Second, Azalea still (I’m going to say) admires Jacob. She had problems with it before, and now that Avalyn (Azalea’s weaker persona) gets out, the feeling grow stronger.
Third, it’s not her fault. :(

Oh yeah. Something else.

Jacob is the guy Azalea fell for. Fernando is the man who’s been slapping Rapunzel and Azalea around.
Fernando doesn’t love Azalea or Avalyn, so that’s why it’s easy for him to hurt Azalea.
So when they are ‘fighting’, the four personas are battling for dominance over their own body.

Fernando hurts Azalea, and Jacob grows weaker. Avalyn kisses Jacob (or more, as you have seen) and Azalea grows weaker even though she loves him too (but she loves Nathan more).

The merge is a merge, but not in the way you might be thinking. The two personas merge, and each persona loses memories. Once the personas complete the merge, the strongest persona sends the weaker one to purgatory.


Last thing:
This story is still getting dark.


Happy Thursday!*

*It was obviously a Thursday when I wrote this chapter, but it was not a Thursday when I uploaded this post.


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