Chapter 31: Accomplice

Hey my lovelies.

Three things:
If I can’t update tomorrow, then here. *Gestures to chapter*

I wanna make a Facebook page for meh series. See, look: (I even came up with ideas of what I could post)
Phrase/Conversation of the Day
1-5 line previews of meh chappies.
Song Recommendations (I wanna make a YouTube Acct also)
Fanfic Recommendations
Crossover List (as it updates)
Updates on my series and meh OneShots
Alerts on Upcoming Fanics
Alerts on my Updating Schedule (If I can’t update or whatever)
Character Name Requests
Word Scramble Games
Updates on meh actual books
Writers’ Block Warnings
Monthly OneShot Requests.

Heck yes.

There might be some sort of part 3. Maybe even Part 4 because I freaking love this fanfic so much.
I even came up with a series name for it: (Might change. It can. Give me name suggestions)
The Lanterns of Gold.
Whatcha think? :D


Half of this chapter (well, small parts of it really) was typed at 5:00 in the morning.
That’s how much I love you guys.


I think I rushed the past twenty chapters.



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