Chapter 1: For Her

Okay. I wanted to go ahead and post this. Can you imagine what it’ll be like a year from now, and I’ll be like:
“Was I always so impatient?”
You guys need to say: “Yes.”
M’kay? Thankies.


Welcome back, guys. :)
I have a general idea of how long this will be.
It’s going to be long.
M’kay? All right?


Do I need to have a preview? Yes? Okay. I’ll get on it.
I might re-edit it though. I’m not feeling it too much.
Same thing for the summary*. Gosh, I hate summaries. But then look at the chapters I write. Ugh. :(
Same thing for the cover. Not feeling it too much. Might change it. Otherwise, enjoy. :)

*Summary of Book 1:…mary-of-book-1/


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