Bonus Content: Preview of Book 2 and 3

This doesn’t cover everything that happens in Book 2 or Book 3. Just saying.
Lines represent scene changings.

It’s short, I know. I didn’t want to give away spoilers.
Use repeat if you want to.
Read really slow. It helps the mood. :)

Preview of Caught in a Dream

Jacob looked at the match he was holding. He looked at Azalea shackled to the wall, and smirked. “Do you like to play with fire?”
She shook her head fiercely, gazing at him in fear. Jacob sniffed and dropped the match on a bale of hay. The hay erupted in flames.
“Too bad. I want to see you burn.”

Richard glared at Caroline. She backed away. He wouldn’t hit her, would he? Men weren’t supposed to hit their wives.
But then he raised his hand to her face, and she realized how wrong she was.

Loud yells and screams sounded around her as Rosemary fell down. And she became aware that she was still screaming.
“What’s happened?”
Rosemary gasped as she finally stopped tumbling down the stairs.
Caroline screamed. “Rosemary!”
Caroline, Owen, and servants crowded Rosemary’s gaze.
Rosemary blinked, no longer screaming.
“Carol,” Caroline looked up at the sound of her name.
“Yes, Rose?”
“I-I can’t feel my legs.”

The king crossed his arms. “I want guards going to Corona and start destroying houses.”
Rosemary gasped. “Women and children live in Corona.”
The king met her eyes. “Then my guards will bring them here.”

“Riley,” Rosemary breathed. Riley stood in the threshold, and they quickly caught each other in a hug. Riley’s lips went to hers.

Candace held Cards in her arms, looking down when David looked up.
“What is it?” He asked.

Anna gasped as Richard started squeezing his hands around her neck.
He hissed. “I never loved you.”
“Good to know.” Anna hissed at him, wanting to spit in his face.
“It doesn’t hurt?”
“Maybe later after I kill you.” She snarled at him.

“Michael Dawson!” Caroline breathed.
Michael looked at her in that fond way she recalled he reserved for her.
“How are you?” She smiled shyly.
“Much better now.” He kissed her hand.

“Here comes the Devil,” Rosemary heard Riley say behind her as Calvin stalked in.
He held a whip and Rosemary’s wrists ached. She wanted to take off the handcuffs, but of course, Calvin had the keys.
Azalea looked sick when she saw the whip in Calvin’s hands. “Aza, you all right?”
“Sure, sure.” Azalea groaned. “When can I have a private moment to heave?”
Calvin looked at her. “Here’s as good as any.”
Azalea smirked. “So you don’t mind cleaning your shirt?”
“Get back in line,” Calvin glared at her.
Azalea staggered after Rosemary, who looked at her. “What’s wrong?”
“I’m not sure. Morning sickness?” Azalea said, half joking. “It’s been three months and everything.”
“Mh-hm?” Azalea had to be joking.
“Yes.” Azalea stared ahead, not looking at Rosemary. “I’m late. I’m crying. I’m dreaming about blueberries. Oh, and I want to kill Calvin. It’s all there.”
Rosemary started smiling. Typical Azalea.
“I’m serious.”

Azalea went blank.
“I’m engaged?”

Sage looked away from Jon when something hit him in the head. He had a second to feel agony, and then everything floated away.

“Rapunzel is different than me. She is more powerful than me. She is better than me.” Her voice shook. “Rapunzel is everything I am not, and everything I will never be. She is the only link to the sun flowers there is and you cannot get her. Besides the fact that she is a princess, she is a mother, a wife, and a very respected woman.” Azalea heard her voice rise and felt the fire burning in her eyes.

“Riley, it wasn’t that bad.” Azalea felt his kind blue eyes staring at her back when she looked back at Guy and Eugene.
“Not that bad?” Riley exclaimed. “He burned you!”

“Rose,” Caroline’s voice sounded in the quiet space. Rosemary sat up, her eyes sticky. She glimpsed Caroline huddled over, and weak moonlight brightened the room as her eyes adjusted. Rosemary blinked hard. Caroline was huddled over in a strangely familiar way.
“Are you all right?” Rosemary whispered, suddenly filled with dread.
“I think . . .They want out. . .” Caroline said laborishly.
“W-what do you mean?”
“They want out. . .” Caroline gasped and then hurtled herself out of the carriage. Rosemary went still for a moment in shock, and then quickly followed her younger sister. She yanked open the door, shivering when a heavy gust of icy wind filled the carriage.

“Hot damn!” Nathan breathed, the pitchfork still in his grip. “Doll, I got him!”
I said mark my words.

Azalea gazed at him. She held his hand as he yanked her from the burning door.
“Nathan,” she looked at him as he looked around; the only exits were on fire.
“Nathan,” she said again.
Nathan looked down at her, his eyes reflecting orange flames. “What is it?” Defeat slumped his shoulders but like the Nathan she loved, he held his head high.
“I need you to kiss me.”
They knew they weren’t getting out.

Corona was on fire. Dark blue guards surrounded me and my mother. We were being escorted out of our burning kingdom and I couldn’t see because of smoke and tears.
It was all so unfair. Eugene and Nathan were gone, and Sage. . .
I started sobbing.

“He’s not letting them leave. They’ve been there for months now.” I met Eugene’s eyes. “We’re lucky Anna and Dwayne managed to come back.”
My Father crossed his arms, looking angry.
“What is it?” I asked him.
“This means war.” My Father growled.

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