Bonus Content: Chapter 33

A/N: I was bored. :)

“You know what the worst part is?” I asked Lizzie.
Lizzie shook her head, her cinnamon eyes miserable. “What is it?”
“I believed every word you said and that doesn’t change the fact that Victoria is still coming.”
Lizzie only said. “We’ve got back up.”
“They’re teenage boys.”
“We’ve got adults with us.” Lizzie said defensively. I could feel the playfulness from earlier coming back. “The Cullens are over a hundred.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
Lizzie made a face. “Not to you.”
I tried to smile. “Edward’s seventeen.”
“Plus a hundred years.” Lizzie said offhandedly. “If Charlie knew, he’d flip out.” Lizzie said peacefully.
I scowled. “No-”
“Bella,” Lizzie eyed me sweetly, “the age difference makes Edward a pedophile.”
“How so?” I started laughing.
“Think of it like this.” Lizzie said very surfer Sam-like, “if you were ten and Edward was sixty five, it wouldn’t ever happen.”
My mind exploded.
“Lizzie, you didn’t just-” I started laughing harder.
“Yes, I made Edward a pedophile.” Lizzie beamed. “Now high-five me.”
I couldn’t hold in my giggles. “That’s gross now that I think about it.” Poor Lizzie. I had already known about that.
“Mh-hm. Where was I when he moved here?” Lizzie asked aloud and then the playfulness was suddenly gone.


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