Happy 20,000 Views! (Official Chapter 28)

Side note: First, you need to go back a chapter if you haven’t read Chapter 27. I updated on Friday (I think it was), so there’s a chapter now for you to read. Enjoy the extra chapter, and then read Chapter 28 with this note. Read this note first. :)

Um, just stop.
Like, how. . .?
Where are you guys COMING from. . .???
Like, how. . . All I did was. . . What???
I love you guys.
Seriously. Speechless.
I’ve got an announcement to make in a little bit, so if you can somehow find your way back here, or to my tumblr, I’ll announce it real soon.
(Like this weekend because Spring Break is next week! Oh my God, yesh!)
So, um, stick around a little bit longer.
I’ve actually got two announcements, but I need to space them out.
So, yeah.
Stay beautiful. :)



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