Brief Note

Hey guys.
There’s a sequel out, in case some of you are waiting for Tangled for a Flower to be updated.
It’s not going to be. :)
The sequel is called Caught in a Dream and it’s already up.
Go and start reading.

I’m going to put my favorite moments* up in case you wanted something to read.
(By the way, since I’ve given you guys music to listen to for some chapters, I’m going to list it in Caught in a Dream at some point. The music isn’t mine, but I’ll name it because that’s how I like to roll.)
But thank you for reading Tangled for a Flower. I loved updating it for a year and a half.

Now we have another fanfic to enjoy :D
Bold indicates favorite sentences/phrases/all that jazz.


*As of 2014, the note hasn’t been edited like Tangled for a Flower has. I’m moving on to Book 2. Enjoy the moments and memories in their original form.


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