Epilogue: A Walk To Remember

Now, let me say this.
I had a personal connection with this story, primarily with Azalea.
Some of the things that happened to her happened to me, m’kay?

Not with Alec and Matthew. Not the thing with the knives (though I do have lines on my shoulders and I sometimes wonder where they came from).
And with Rosemary, I know people who have been. . . Messed with. It’s not good, guys. If it happens to you, GET HELP.

One last thing:
For you, my lovelies. Thank you for reading. Guess what? You get a treat! :)

Tangled for a Flower may be over, but who said I wasn’t making a sequel?
I’ll upload it before the 4th of July*, I’m sure. See you around and really.
Thank you for reading.

It’s been a bit of a journey, and I can’t wait to continue.


*As of July 2013, Caught in a Dream is up now. Go find it, if you want, and jump in!


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