Chapter 114: Moon-Silver and Sun-Gold

I’m updating today! Just. . . A little late. (At like 11:56 PM)
*Awkwardly sighs* I made it though.
We only have less than 10 chappies left. So. . .

By the way, let me address this now.
I have 55, really 60, followers. (I count my anonymous reviewers who have given themselves names(Thank you, guys!))
Are you. . .Lemme see, 53 or so followers really even reading this?
I know heyitskirstyn, Secretly_Imaginative, mecaka, Bad_Wolf_And_Timelords, are reading, and have been for a while.
And I know authors think, “More reviews means this story will be more and more popular”.
Me: “Um, no.”
Reviews let me know that you’re reading. Reviews let me know what you think of the chapter you just read.
Yeah, when stories get really up there, it’s great. But I’d rather have my faithful reviewers reviewing for me than spammers and hateful reviewers junking up the review box that means “Hey, K, we love what you’re doing.”
So yeah. Just getting that out.


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