Chapter 5: Unconditionally, Katy Perry

I’mma go ahead and name the chapters by their categories and song names.
*Goofy face*
I want to want a bit before doing RosexRiley and CarolxMichael. They need more story time. :)
But this is PunzxGene and AzaxNat.
Side note: Dear RM: I’ve read your oneshot song request. I’ll get to work on them, but expect one as a Christmas present. :)

About the video I actually saw some lookalikes in there. I saw Sage. :)
Sage – 2:12 and 3:29
Liam(?) (I only use ? because his hair is too short) – 3:22 (Pause fast)
Anna-Beth(?) and Sebastian – 2:12 (middle)
Candace(?) – 2:12 (Sitting next to Sage)

Too bad I didn’t see Nathan or Eugene. *Sigh*
But then, no one really looks like them anyway. *Dreamy face*

Here: (It has a medieval theme to it which I LOVE!)

I had too much fun, so some parts are longer than others. Improvise, my lovelies.

World: From my “Lanterns of Gold” saga

*Also located


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