Chapter 101: Here the Whole Time

You guys might not like me with the whole Chemistry thing, but whatever.

You finally get to see who Azalea’s father is. Get mad at . . . Crap, I almost typed it.
Get mad at him if you want. You’ll figure out his reasons later.

Oh yes, and remember when I mentioned typing OneShots? Well, I have to write two now because I missed May and now June, so check my profile soon.

And I saw a guy who looked just like how I pictured Nathan from behind at the skating rink on Saturday.
Um, damn!

He. . . You know I write what Nathan does, right? Well, I almost thought then that I was subconsciously controlling what he was doing.
Lawl, but it freaked me OUT.

Oh, and guess who was skating with him?

Yes, a blond girl who was almost an entire head shorter than him.
Dude, um, no.That was so awesome, so of course the first chapter to (I might have to make that an entire fanfic about Azalea and Nathan in the modern world. :D) my Oneshots will be Azalea and Nathan at the skating rink.* God, I just had to say that.


And guess what?

*As of 2014, a oneshot was done on this already. Link:


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