Chapter 97: Elements

I missed you guys! I’m back… It’s been only three days. Lawl.
Guess how I got rid of my writers’ block?

You know how in Disney Land, they got rid of Flynn?
I saw a video where Flynn was leaving, but he was dancing with the guests and such. It was so bittersweet.

Mind you, this was the same video that got me to even start this story.
So I watched it, got upset over it. Sat down, typed.

And boom.

Jacob’s a jerk (but who didn’t know this?)
Oh yes, and I’ve decided that whenever I get writers’ block again, I’ll do a fanfiction based off of three words to help myself out.*
Do check my profile every now and then, m’kay?

*As of 2014: this fanfiction is called, “Above the Lanterns, a Writer Composes”.


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