Chapter 96: Mr. Welks Appears and Poisoned Ferns

Dear my lovely reviewers and clickers:
I have no idea where Tangled for a Flower has been going.
Right around the chapter I brought Rosemary and Riley in, I’ve just lost it.
I just can’t picture what happens next. Well, I can, but I just can’t. . .

It’s like looking at sunlight through a foggy window.
You can see it, if you look hard enough, but right now I just can’t make myself look any further.

Now, maybe I need to sleep.
Drink some water.
Hydrate myself.
Stop typing for like, three days, and then come back.

Now I know you’re like, “You’re going on hiatus for three days? Pfft. I can wait three days.”
No, you cannot.
I might be gone longer than that; work on my other fanfics, you know?
I don’t know, guys. The last hiatus I had gone through lasted for months.
And I know I can’t leave you guys for months, so I’m trying to fight through it.

Maybe I’m going through a really bad case of writers’ block.
I’m really sorry. I know you want this to go on, and it will. But I’m just hitting my head on a wall right now.


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