Story of the Moon Explanation (Chapter 62)

These are the explanations for the *** in Chapter 62 of Book One (as you can tell):

– “The stars that had convinced the moon to absorb them lost all their light, and
became dark stars* because of their greed for light and to see the sun at
second best.”
*black holes
Further explanation: The stars were absorbed by the moon and lost all of their light, making themselves into black holes that hide in our solar system today.

– “The sun was made to let the moon have half of its light at night, which gave us moonlight, and the sun was made to retreat every few years to let the moon shine*.”
Further explanation: the sun hiding behind the moon allowed the moon to ‘act’ as a sun, and this was done every few years to (painfully) reinforce the idea that the moon was only supposed to shine at night.

– “To do so, they have to take a piece of the moon from all over it* in the daytime while the moon is asleep, and at night they absorbed a bit of the sun’s energy into a flying rock*.”
*this action created the craters.
Further explanation: the stars took pieces of moonstone off of the moon, leaving holes on the moon’s surface, making craters.

– (Same sentence as above, second *)
Further explanation: the sun’s energy was placed onto/into the chain of flying rocks around them, the asteroids from the asteroid belt in our solar system.

– “The bird would peck any animal that intruded to eat the flower, but lured them to the flower. It was like the serpent in Adam and Eve*. It was testing the animals to see whether or not they would eat the flower petals, but would chase them away if they tried it.”
*Adam and Eve were the ones who introduced sin into the world, creating the balance Michael willingly tries to explain.
Further explanation: the dove guarded the flower while testing the animals’ urge to succumb to temptation, much like the serpent did by testing Eve and tricking her into eating the apple. Unlike the serpent, the dove did not let the animals get close to the sun flower and chased them away before they could touch it.

I hoped those explanations helped a little bit.


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