Plotlines (Chapter 1/2)

Hi. Thank you for reviewing for If I Never Knew You.
I’d like to clear a few things:

If I Never Knew You is a Rapunzel/Eugene fanfiction.
– I am making up things as I go along (mostly) because that is how a story works for me.
– I have to build up to the action. I can’t just jump into it without some sort of climb.

I am sorry that some of you are confused at the moment. It will make sense as I go along, I promise. Rapunzel and Eugene are out of character for a little while because I have to reestablish them. They will be in character once again, but for a while, they will not be. (Maybe until Chapter 5)
Like with most of my fanfictions, I know the ending and beginning before I know the middle. We are nowhere near the middle of If I Never Knew You, but I have to build up to it, so we’re walking in the dark for now.
Please keep watching for updates; it will make sense in a bit.
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this note.


P.S. – Here’s the note for chapter 2


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